About Us

The Aesthetology Clinic is a modern and innovative healthcare facility founded by the spouses Olga and Rudolf Bahník. Dr. Olga, with nearly 20 years of experience in aesthetic medicine, is dedicated to patient care, while Mr. Bahník, a former professional hockey player and hockey coach, oversees the clinic's organization and operation. Our Aesthetology Clinic is synonymous with professional and high-quality aesthetic medicine. We take pride in our ability to provide exceptional services and achieve outstanding results due to our extensive experience.

Our main goal is to provide long-term anti-aging care with the creation of an individual treatment plan that includes both corrective and preventive procedures. Another one of our main objectives is to promote an entirely new style of patient care. We strive to create a pleasant and relaxed environment where our patients feel comfortable and trust us. We emphasize an individual approach and high-quality consultations. We provide comprehensive care to each patient, which includes not only the procedure itself but also follow-up care and support.

We believe that in today's age, achieving high-quality and natural results is not possible without the use of modern technologies, which we regularly invest in.

Aesthetology Clinic

We are constantly evolving, seeking new possibilities and effective rejuvenation procedures, which we introduce as pioneers in the Czech and Slovak markets. In 2021, we were the first to introduce the American innovation - BBL HERO phototherapy and the MOXI erbium laser to the Czech Republic. By spring 2023, we were recognized as the clinic performing the largest number of BBL Forever Young procedures in Europe. In October 2023, we are preparing to launch the innovative vascular platform ClearSuite, which was only introduced to the global market in September 2023 in the USA. We were the first and only ones to introduce the revolutionary non-invasive liposuction method and are preparing the possibility of applying autologous stem cells extracted from one's own adipocytes.